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Get 1-on-1 guidance in achieving your Calisthenics and Bodyweight Strength Training goals.

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With Coaching, you can be sure that you are following a professionally made program customized to you. You'll also be sure that you're doing the exercises and program correctly with unlimited form checks and messaging support.

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Because you're following a personalized program that accounts for the variables that drive success, you'll make much faster progress with Coaching.

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Can't say enough about Jason as a trainer. He definitely keeps our workouts interesting and pushes me to my limit, which is what I need. I was a gymnast for many of my younger years and his workouts fill that hunger that I miss as an adult. I never regret my time with him.
Jeanelle Wolski
Jeanelle doing a pancake stretch
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After more than a year of training with Jason, I am amazed with how he continues to turn every session into a new accomplishment. Smart, creative and undeniably committed, Jason has gone the extra mile to help me meet my goals and has exceeded my expectations of what a trainer could do for me. One of the most worthwhile investments I've ever made!
David Briner
David doing dips
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Jason is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful on the subject of calisthenics. With his training, I have been able to get much closer to my strength goals than I would have on my own. Jason is also open and willing to working with individual goals and is always requesting feedback from his clients in an effort to be the best trainer out there.
Tyler Pino
Jason is very good at communicating with you. He acknowledged my goals & made a plan that fit my lifestyle perfectly. He is always happy to change my workout plan to better achieve the look I want. 100% would recommend.
Kalliope Robinson
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Jason Dupree has been a phenomenal coach and mentor in my fitness journey. As I shifted from my 20s and into my 30s I realized I needed to prioritize my health and wellness. With Jason’s guidance, I left behind the “skinny fat” vibe and upgraded to a stronger, healthier, and more lean body composition. From nutrition advice to lifting routines, Jason has been my “go to” partner for achieving the results I desired.
Travis Swientek
Travis before and after
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I totally recommend having Jason as your trainer!

I was always super skinny, definitely had a thigh gap. I weighed 100 pounds right around the time I met Jason. 100 pounds at 5’8 is pretty skinny. I really wanted to gain weight. I just wanted the gap to close and to have a better figure. Jason helped me gain about 20 pounds! He helped me with my routines. Other plans were too complex and he was able to simplify it for me to where I could follow it and not get lost.
Kayleigh Aleshire
Kayleigh before and after
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Definitely give this guy a Try!! Workouts are very detailed, with Videos, and he teaches you how to track your food.. macros. He is there every step of the way, so that you can be successful!
Sergio Faz
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Hiring Jason to help me and my teenage son get in better shape together is one of the best decisions I've made. He is a terrific trainer, and I highly recommend speaking with him to get started. You will NOT regret this decision, I promise.
Jason Crouch
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I have made more progress with 5-6 months working with Jason than I did in the year and a half with my previous trainer.
David Ferro


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$60 - $50
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*Coaching auto-renews until you have reached your goals and/or wish to cancel

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